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LONGUEUR (18.1.2016)

  LONGUEURDe la conception à la réalisation, le Bureau d'architectes Luc Spits est fier de vous présenter l'achèvement de sa dernière réalisation.


Current projects


Luc Spits, graduated from the Higher Institute of Architecture "Saint-Luc", was on a first internship in the architects office "Dubois Drieskens" until 1990.

He perfected his knowledge by conducting internships in offices like "Architecture et decoration" and "Valentini".

He founded his own office as an independent.

The office Luc Spits Architecture becomes a limited company. To meet the needs of its flemish customers Luc Spits implanted a subsidiary of his company in Knokke.

Luc Spits associated with the Companies "Stalport Contemporain" and "Reynders" to create the group "Atriade", offering a full service architecture, interior design and landscaping.

End of the collaboration between Luc Spits, "Stalport Contemporain" and the "Reynders".

May 2012
To meet its development, the architectural firm will move to 206 rue de Mons in Visé (Wezet), where he may seek new partners.

ARCHITECT. You want to build with an architect? Active throughout the province of Liege and Knokke, the office of contemporary architecture Spits Luc offers a full range of services related to the field of architecture: construction and renovation of apartments, construction and renovation of groups dwellings, construction of villas, clustered housing construction, construction and renovation of offices / Hotels, Hospitals, medical offices, nursing homes, construction and renovation of industrial or administrative buildings, but also creating 3D computer graphics, layout interior, furniture design, site supervision and coordination of work, cost control, property management, etc.. ARCHITECT. The expertise of architects Luc Spits is based on the multidisciplinary expertise of its architects, technicians, engineers and designers but also an experienced training in terms of thermal, acoustic, sustainable development, label liabilities .. . The service, the degree of finish and the use of quality materials are only a few elements that make the reputation of architects Luc Spits: each project is looked up in great detail the technical and aesthetic, with a point pride in the harmony and the subtlety of contemporary architectural style / minimalist. Whether it's a stone house, frame house with wood, metal structure or a traditional building, the architect advises and supports you from design to construction of your home. Founded in 1999, our architectural firm now has 7 employees: Pierre-Marie Demonceau, Jonathan Rousseau, Stephanie Magis, Anne-Christine Moonen, Genevieve Georis, Michael Lippens and Caroline Marchal. BUILD. You want to build a house with a contemporary design, modern? You want to build a low-energy passive house? Renovate your home or make an extension? You want to make a property investment? Build an apartment building or group of homes? You want to build with an architect in Belgium? The architects Luc Spits advises and supports you in achieving your real estate project, whatever its size, from its conception to its realization.