Ce que tu ressens trouvera sa propre forme Jack Kerouac


Le cube blanc Warsage / 2008

Set in a traditional semi-urban fabric, the white cube is deliberately contemporary, unique and quirky. This project with a strong character first appears intimate and shielded. However, as soon as the threshold is crossed, we discover a spacious light-filled interior which is fully open to the neighbouring country side.

The interiors are simple and sleek and highlight the strength and delicacy of the dominant architectural lines. No detail is left to chance. With no frills, the architecture is subtly supported by the play of light and shade throughout the day.

The choice of materials such as light brick, white-lacquered aluminium, glass and blue-stone, accompanies the minimalist approach of the architect. The overall effect is subtle and consistent.

The exterior design extends the strong lines of the architecture. The pond and concrete elements lead the eye to the garden and countryside. The boundaries between inside and outside are blurred. This is where freedom is born...