le-vitrail vue du haut du batiment
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Le Vitrail

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Le Vitrail

Simulation le-vitrail vu de la rue

As one with the old buildings, the tower stands in the rue Basse, leaping upwards towards the sky and the future.

le-vitrail vue 3D

An iconic silhouette reminiscent of a bell-tower, a construction that will be both strong and light, linking two areas, and two eras.

Simulation du projet le-vitrail en ville

Airy, audacious, tapered, the structure offers a new urban landmark in the Mosan countryside.

Vue zoomé sur la structure du le-vitrail

Woven from matt metal, the double mesh evokes the stained glass in the collegiate church.

Maquette du le-vitrail

The dual metal mesh holds the lights and provides privacy.