The art of essential

Luc Spits Architecture + Interior is a Belgian architectural office that has been developing urban and architectural projects for more than 30 years with a focus on excellence.

Luc Spits bureau
Luc Spits bureau

Less is more

Discover what moves you. Let go of the rest. Discern the essential from the superfluous and reveal the true potential of a space. It's a little more than a method. It's a way of thinking that comes from the minimalist aesthetic.
The essential is what gives meaning to everything around it. It is the starting point of every idea. An obvious creation from which emanates a natural elegance.

Bureau luc spits

Our areas of expertise

  • The high standard villa
  • The tertiary and commercial sector
  • Development of real estate projects
  • Interior design
  • Urban planning and multifunctional projects
  • Private and public competitions of major ambition
Mur végétal - Luc Spits

Expressing yourself to the world

What we do is not in any manual. Bold? We take it on. Beautiful. That's why we do it.

Comfortable to live with? That's what gives meaning to our projects.
We want to play with what we have, to refuse permanence, to show the fertility of unknown lands, to stay connected to the new. This may sound a bit superficial. It probably is. It is about breaking the boredom. Breaking the routine that masks the imperceptible but essential changes in our environment.

We act in our own way for a certain independence of spirit. If our projects can inspire creativity and glorify difference, we have done well.

Travail équipe Luc Spits
Plan Luc Spits
Accueil Luc Spits

Follow-up of the constructive works

Excellence can only be achieved through total involvement. Luc Spits personally follows each project studied by the office. The work is coordinated and carried out by our own staff. You can be sure at all times that our technical and creative principles will be carried out according to the rules of the art.

Our offices

  • Liege Rue de Mons 206, B-4600 Visé
    TVA BE0467 223 462 T : +32 (0) 4 376 69 59
  • Knokke-Heist P.Parmentierlaan 271 B-4600 Knokke-Heist
    TVA BE0467 223 462 T : +32 (0) 476 87 65 33
  • Luxembourg Rue du Puits Romain 33 LU-8070
    TVA LU31 188 69 71 T : +352 27 11 30 14
Luc Spits Bureau

In our office

The Luc Spits team is made up of 25 people with different profiles, but united by the same spirit of creativity. Among them are architects, urban planners, designers and technicians.
This versatile team was put together with one goal in mind: to bring elegant, innovative and caring architecture to life.