The right choice for the facade cladding

Chose the facade cladding well 

Whatever your project, the choice of facade cladding is important and comes from the first sketches. He emphasizes the guidelines, gives strength and balance to the volumes, structures the layout of the openings and grants mass or lightness to the envelope. Like a garment, it must be adapted to the conditions of the place while embodying the style and personality of the building. The choice is immense and comes in several categories of materials.
We made a small selection.

The Ashlar

The ashlar is a local natural material qualified as traditional. Of exemplary quality, it is adapted to the changing conditions of our regions. Refurbished, it combines perfectly with contemporary materials such as aluminum which exalts the light or dark shades.
Luc Spits Architecture_Villa_Moellon

Corian ®

Better known indoors, Corian, composed of minerals and resin, is also suitable for outdoor use.
Smooth and white, shaped angular or curved, its texture close to the ceramic is luxurious and bright.
Luc Spits Architecture_Entreprises_banque Crélan_Corian

Fiber cement

The fiber cement is generally used for the diversity of its colors.
Alone or in agreement, this rigid panel contrasts with traditional materials such as brick.
It lasts long and structures the facade with infinite possibilities of layout.
Luc Spits Architecture_Immobilier_Résidence Curtius_fribrociment

Laser cut metal

With the new cutting techniques, metal can today be declined in an infinity of customizable patterns.
At Fintro, a lightweight filter with a strong character.
Luc Spits Architecture_Entreprise_Banque_Fintro_Métal découpé

The brick

Brick is the well-known Belgian material. With a palette of nuances, textures and infinite dimensions, it is able to ensure a design from the most classic to the most industrial.
Over the centuries, international traditions have brought us a multitude of different devices, techniques and joints whose heritage constantly stimulates creation.

Alucobond ®

The Alucobond exploits the flexibility of two layers of aluminum and the lightness of an intermediate mineral membrane. Used in architecture in the form of cassettes, it is easily transportable and can be fixed invisibly. Textured or lacquered, it gives the siding a structured and refined look.  Luc Spits Architecture_Villa_alucobond