Projet hillside, Luc Spits

MIPIM 2019 – the HillSide project

MIPIM 2019 – the HillSide project For the fourth year in a row, Luc Spits Architecture’s team visited MIPIM in Cannes. MIPIM, the largest exhibition dedicated to real estate, celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. More than 26,000 visitors made this edition a great success. Thanks to AWEX, we presented the model of the HillSide … Continued

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The surroundings

The surroundings Among the architect’s missions, the design of the surroundings is probably the most unknown. It nevertheless requires special attention and a precise anticipation of the users’ experience in every season. Because if the surroundings have as first quality to highlight the architectural object, they are also at the forefront of the concerns of … Continued

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The structural work

The structural work The structural work is the implementation of elements contributing to the strength and stability of a building. They resume the permanent efforts of construction and temporary efforts such as wind, rain and snow. It includes essential phases such as earthworks, reinforcement and formwork, masonry and the laying of structural elements. It integrates … Continued

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The acoustic

The acoustic In June, the return of the singing of the birds inspired a subject rarely approached but so determining in the notion of comfort. Acoustics is a science in its own right that drives many studies and occupies a world of specialists and of course suppliers. The varied range of accessories, in addition to … Continued

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Façades_Luc Spits Architecture_Moellon

The right choice for the facade cladding

Chose the facade cladding well  Whatever your project, the choice of facade cladding is important and comes from the first sketches. He emphasizes the guidelines, gives strength and balance to the volumes, structures the layout of the openings and grants mass or lightness to the envelope. Like a garment, it must be adapted to the … Continued

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A beautiful encounter, a partner of choice

A close collaboration between Mobitec and Luc Spits As a producer of contemporary furniture, we are constantly looking for interiors whichh will highlight our products in the best of ways. During our search we had the pleasure to encounter Luc Spits, a famous architect of the province Liège in Belgium. Thanks to his style and his numerous extraordinary projects, … Continued

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