A beautiful encounter, a partner of choice

A close collaboration between Mobitec and Luc Spits

As a producer of contemporary furniture, we are constantly looking for interiors whichh will highlight our products in the best of ways. During our search we had the pleasure to encounter Luc Spits, a famous architect of the province Liège in Belgium. Thanks to his style and his numerous extraordinary projects, we found in him the perfect partner to deliver locations able to meet our expectations. Luc Spits’ architecture team and us share the same values: to respect each single work aiming to perfection and avoid any mistakes, getting satisfaction in finding the best solution to each one of our customer’s request, over and over again. Four magnificent projects from Luc Spits’ have been selected for our present 2012 collection photo-shooting.


“Le monument”

Located in the traditional Limburg in Belgium, we created different dwellings out of an old farmhouse with a main part in the back. Before getting started with the renovation, we had to do a volumetric analysis of the architecture of the building itself and its huge spaces. Only after that job, we could start making the interiors of the new dwellings without losing the character of the building itself.


“Le cube blanc”

At first sight this project seems to be very intimate and protected. Somehow after crossing the street, once can discover in the inside of the court, a notable interaction of architecture and light incidence of this building in the heart of a rural open region. The complex is rather sober and simple. One can feel the importance the architect attaches to strong and fine lines, that makes the variable dominance of this building. No detail was left to chance. Garnishments have no importance in that type of architecture. The subtle games of lights and shadows, changing along the day makes all the impression. The external plant is the enhancement of those fine lines architecture. A stylish water plant bewitches the look of the garden and its surroundings.



This house is the perfect marriage between modern and traditional. Despite a tradiotional front side and roof, the house generously offers great openings to the terrace and garden. The building itself, is a mix between simple materials, i.e. white bricks and aluminium elements generate this feeling of completeness. Using glass as well inside as outside, create amazing light shows. Again, the architect was able to make the barriers between in and outdoor fall. Effects of shadows and brightness appear, creating great different atmospheres all day long. On the terrace, a sun-shade made of white thin pipes, as well as a canopy filter the rays of sunshine.


“Rotonde 2”

This construction represents a very special architecture in the middle of the so typical countryside. Both volumes are underneath a twisting roof of zinc, which gives the impression that the facade is much longer than it actually is. A glass gallery perfectly connects both volumes together. Thanks to this gallery, the whole construction gets this special contemporary flair and interesting contrast: the front side looks rather closed and intimate, there where the backside is totally open. Here again, all limits between nature and building have disappeared, leaving this great feeling of wellness and purity.


Publication: Inside! magazine officiel de Mobitec – 01.12.2011