The acoustic

The acoustic

In June, the return of the singing of the birds inspired a subject rarely approached but so determining in the notion of comfort. Acoustics is a science in its own right that drives many studies and occupies a world of specialists and of course suppliers. The varied range of accessories, in addition to the acoustico-architectural design of the structural work, adapts in offices, but also housing or public places.

Acoustic panels – KREON’s offer

Acoustic panels are distinguished into two categories, fixed and removable. Among the suppliers, the Belgian luminaire designer KREON launched a few years ago a varied and very qualitative range of removable metal panels. They offer easy access to techniques, are suitable for both indoors and outdoors and are very versatile in terms of ceiling or wall configuration. The bracket is invisible and the micro-perforations can be matched with a whole range of luminaires and built-in and outgoing speakers.


Gyproc panels

The fixed acoustic panels make possible to improve the performance of a room in all discretion. As of perforated plaster boards or tiny round or square, they fit into the traditional plates, this without any extra thickness or unsightly frame. To be well executed, this achievement nevertheless requires a rigorous control by the plasterer. Like the rest of the panels, it can be painted evenly with the rest of the room.


Active decoration

It is a fact, each element included in a space influences the absorption or the resonance of the sound. A thick curtain alone can isolate a meeting room or outside noise. On the wall, an openwork wooden cladding or a wall carpet can act positively. The subject is of particular interest to major office builders such as VITRA, who integrate acoustic walls, particularly felt, into their design, which allow for the creation of discreet spaces within landscaped offices.



Shell structure

To be effective, the acoustic study must be integrated from the design of the structural work. For example, in the case of a theater, a study of the angles of incidence or location of different reverberation homes will have the effect of reducing nuisance and channeling the sound flow. Conversely, in a condominium, a double composite wall incorporating a rock wool effectively mitigates the horizontal propagation, while on the ground, a type of FOAMCELL or FERMACELL insulation will fight against vertical impact noise on a concrete floor or in wood.



This allows us to introduce the theme of the month of June which will be dedicated to the shell structure …