Audacity and creativity,
Light, materials, emotion.
Architecture is sensations.

Le bureau

A team that dares

Architects, urban planner, designers, graphic designers, site managers, interior architects, the most daring and the most specialised are here.

Young or more experienced, listening to your projects with the desire to excel. A multi-skilled practice, open to the world, in search of exterior work to create interior happiness.

Luc Spits surrounds himself and provokes.
Inspires and cuts through. With strength, clarity and finesse.

Le bureau

Le bureau
Le bureau

A signature, a brand

A signature which encapsulates the past and the future. Mixes stone, cement and metal. Studies movements and transparency. Journeys through nature and the countryside. Offers bold verticals, depths and surprising harmonies.

Private or public, villas, offices or residential estates, your projects carry a brand name: one which dares to create buildings which are contemporary art – in Belgium and worldwide.

Le bureau

Luc Spits

Luc SpitsArchitect & Administrator

Stéphanie Magis

Stéphanie MagisArchitect & Project Manager

Pierre-Marie Demonceau

Pierre-Marie DemonceauArchitect & Project Manager

Charlotte Matz

Charlotte MatzArchitect & Project Manager

David Bovy

David BovyArchitect

Alisson Ponsard

Alisson PonsardArchitect

Laurence André

Laurence AndréArchitect

Manon Gerardy

Manon GerardyArchitect

Laurent Bernard

Laurent BernardArchitect

Emeline Borlon

Emeline BorlonArchitect Engineer

Amandine Kroonen

Amandine KroonenProject Manager & Interior Designer

Benoît Habay

Benoît HabaySite Manager

Thomas Liard

Thomas LiardSite Manager

Florence Baerten

Florence BaertenInterior Designer

Kenny Solas

Kenny SolasInterior Designer

David Bellavia

David Bellavia3D Modeling

Laurent Delruelle

Laurent Delruelle3D Infographics

Le bureau

Less is more

Minimalism is obvious, but simplicity is demanding. Each detail is essential for elements to relate to each other, lines to complete each other. Multiplicity becomes one, shadow, light, and shapes, voluptuous.

Your ambitions inspire us.

Le bureau


Rue de Mons, 206
B-4600 Visé

P. Parmentierlaan, 271
B-8300 Knokke-Heist

+32 (0)4 376 69 59